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Magic Eye [Indica] — 7 Diamond Infused Mini Joints (3.5g | 0.5g each)


Magic Eye, an indica strain, offers a deeply relaxing and tranquil experience, enveloping users in a blissful state of calmness and serenity. With its rich, earthy flavor and subtle undertones of sweetness, Magic Eye provides a soothing taste that complements its sedative effects perfectly. This strain is ideal for unwinding or achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.

Conveniently packaged in a week pack, the 7 Diamond Infused Mini Joints feature premium flower tightly packed into natural rolling paper. Each joint is infused with THCa diamonds, enhancing the overall experience. Ideal for cannabis connoisseurs, this pack ensures easy enjoyment throughout the week.

Weight3.5 g
StrainMagic eye
THC Potency44.5%

Magic Eye 7 Diamond Infused Mini Joints

$25.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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