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  • What are the hours for Delivery?
    Deliveries will only take place between 10:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m in order to legally process your STASH in time! We are open everyday.
  • What's your minimum order amount?
    Our minimum order amount is 50$ per order
  • What is required to place an order?
    In order to be compliant with the City of Los Angeles, we require the following documentation: -Valid form of Identification (Drivers License/ID/Passport ONLY) **Recreational Customers MUST be over the age of 21** **Medical Patients MUST be over the age of 18** -Medical Patients MUST have a valid Dr.s Recommendation (WITH ORIGINAL SEAL) !!YOU MUST HAVE PROPER DOCUMENTATION IN YOUR POSESSION TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER!!
  • Can I print my Dr.s Recommendation myself?
    NO! All Dr.s Recommendations MUST be printed by your Doctor AND have a SEAL
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